Request for Proposals:
Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation




The Allegany County Health Department (ACHD) is currently seeking a vendor to provide Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation (NEMT) ambulance services, and to additionally screen ambulance transport requests for eligibility after normal ACHD hours for eligible Allegany County requests.  All transportation is to or from a Maryland Medicaid participating medical provider or medical facility and is for medically necessary treatment and non-emergency.

For RFB specifications, submission deadline, and COMAR guidelines for NEMT, please use the links below. For more information about this RFP, please contact Linda Edwards at 301-759-5123.



COMAR 10.09.19 NEMT





RFP Questions & Answers:

Q: (Regarding RFP Section XII) How many miles are considered "base rate" for BLS and ALS?
A: In the current contract, BLS base rate includes the first 10 miles. ALS base rate includes the first 20 miles.

Q: (Regarding RFP Section IV, H, 3) Must the communication equipment be "radios"?
A: Any reliable, direct method of two-way communication is acceptable.

Q: Is the current vendor willing to step away from the contract sooner than April 13th so a new vendor can start providing service?
A: Yes.

Q: Must all 3 levels of service (BLS, ALS, SCT) be provided?
A: Yes, and subcontracting is allowed as long as proper licensure is provided

Q: What about air medical transports?
A: These are all handled out of the main office in Baltimore

Q: Is there a breakdown of evaluation criteria available?
A: See attachment “Submission of Proposal.”

Q: Will ACHD be continuing with the current vendor’s rate structure?
A: It is up to interested vendors to make their own proposal, however rates must be per trip.

Q: Do you require a 24-hour advance notice for transports?
We do require advance notice for scheduled appointments (by 12:00 pm the business day before) however urgent transports do not require advance notice.

Q: Is there a breakdown of local and out-of-county trips?
A: Out of 399 BLS trips in 2017, 217 were local and 182 were out-of-county. Out of 52 ALS trips in 2017, 1 was local and 51 were out-of-county. All 24 SCT trips in 2017 were out-of-county.

Q: Does the 90-minute response time include SCT?
A: Yes, but for any urgent requests we would appreciate a sooner response time if possible.

Q: Do you expect a certain number of transports be able to be done at a time?
A: The vendor must be able to provide adequate service by prioritizing and sub-contracting if necessary. In the event of multiple transports at once, we are willing to work with the vendor by rescheduling appointments if necessary.

Q: Does ACHD have authority to call another unit?
A: It is up to the vendor to subcontract.

Q: Is it considered a violation of contract if the vendor cannot provide service?
A: Yes, but again we are flexible and willing to work with the vendor when possible. However, per page 4 of the Technical Requirements (Section III.L.), "The Vendor shall also have a plan in place in case of multiple urgent facility discharges in the case of an emergency, i.e., pending snow storm, etc."








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