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Child and Adolescent Unit


The Child and Adolescent Unit of the Outpatient Mental Health Center provides a comprehensive variety of services. A child psychiatrist and therapists specializing in children's services are available to provide individual, family, and group counseling along with medication evaluation and monitoring. Several specialty programs are described below. workd

Emergency Mental Health Crisis Intervention for children and adolescent patients is offered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Trained crisis counselors as well as a child psychiatrist are prepared to provide services for critical situations requiring immediate attention and/or psychiatric hospitalization.

Kids Intensive Day Services (KIDS) is intensive outpatient program offered to children ages 6 -12.  Participants may be facing removal from the school or home setting due to behavioral problems.  Emphasis is placed on group therapy with topics including anger management, worries and anxieties, and family issues. The KIDS Program has an Allegany County Board of Education teacher in the program, daily. Each child receives school instruction and individualized attention. Breakfast and lunch are also provided by the Board of Education. Parent involvement is also required through the weekly Parent Group where support, guidance, and therapy are provided by a licensed psychologist. Transportation is provided for the children.              

School Based Therapy Services are provided on-site at all of the schools in Allegany County. The services include psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, individual and / or family therapy, and close collaboration with school personnel.

Mobile Treatment Services are offered in the home for those children or adolescents who are unable or unwilling to receive school based or Center services. Services are provided by a licensed therapist and registered nurse in the home 1 time per week. Visits occur after school.

Walk-in Services are available Monday through Friday from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.

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