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Mobile Crisis and Stabilization Services

Mobile Crisis and Stabilization Services (MCSS)


Service Description:

A cooperative effort between the Core Service Agencies (CSA) and Departments of Social Services (DSS) in Allegany and Garrett Counties, the MCSS program works with DSS involved youth who are experiencing acute emotional/behavioral episodes.  The program provides short-term stabilization interventions while making recommendations for appropriate community-based services and resources. 


Services are provided to youth exhibiting increasing emotional or behavioral difficulties which put them at risk for hospitalization or loss of placement. 

Service delivery is prioritized as follows: 
1. Youth in foster care,
2. Youth in formal kinship care,
3. Youth in informal kinship care where placement has been determined through the DSS Family Involvement Meeting (FIM) process,
4. Youth in their biological families where a DSS FIM has occurred and family preservation services are being provided.

Program services include:

  1. Working with DSS, Board of Education and families to identify the behavioral and emotional needs of youth referred to the program;
  2. Developing interim plans for maintaining youth in their current placements;
  3. Making appropriate recommendations for referrals and linkages with PMHS providers. DSS will then make the referrals and linkages to insure the delivery of appropriate clinical and rehabilitation services (including completion of a mental health assessment within the first four weeks of service and initiation of treatment recommendations, and as needed: linking with psychiatric/psychological treatment services for evaluation, treatment, and medication management; linking with interactive therapies, supporting daily living skills, etc.);
  4. Assisting families with de-escalating existing tensions, including arranging for short term respite, if needed and available;
  5. Supporting family participation in the treatment process;
  6. Coordinating participation of both DSS and Mobile Crisis Stabilization Services (MCSS) staff in all treatment and Family Involvement Meetings (FIM) for youth participating in the program;
  7. Providing education and training for families regarding age-appropriate development, symptoms of emotional disturbance/mental illness; and the use of behavioral management techniques as recommended by treatment professionals, etc.;
  8. Utilizing specially trained licensed foster care families to provide both crisis and respite services to program youth in the custody of DSS.

Contact for this Program
        Sarah Pinardi, LCPC
        12501 Willowbrook Road S.E.
        P.O. Box 1745
        Cumberland, MD 21501-1745
        Phone: (301) 759- 5070  


Below are links to forms that are used in the Mobile Crisis Stabilization Services program

MCSS Referral Form word - This form is to be submitted by providers who are interested in referring a child to the program.

Garrett County - MCSS Referral Form word - This form is to be submitted by providers in Garrett County who are interested in referring a child to the MCSS program.