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Health Care Connection
The Health Care Connection is your link to programs where you can find information regarding Maryland Medical Assistance (Medicaid), including how to apply for benefits and what services are covered.

Maryland Health Connection

Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) - Families and Children (FAC) Program
This program provides assistance with applying for Maryland Meidcal Assistance coverage for children, pregnant women, anad adults under age 65 years.

Administrative Care Coordination Unit (ACCU) & Ombudsman Program
This program provides information and education to all Maryland Medical Assitance recipients. (First-time pregnant/postpartum women and newboarns are referred to EACCU, which is explained below.) It assists with care cooordination, service access and other identified needs and works with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to ensure linkage to covered services.

Expanded Administrative Care Coordination Unit (EACCU)
This program provides Maryland Medical Assistance covereage information and education for first-time pregnant/postpartum women and their newborns.

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