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Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program

This program provides free mammograms, clinical breast examinations, and pap testing to women who meet the following guidelines:

1. Must be a Maryland Resident
2. Age 40-64

3. No health insurance or insurance does not pay for the above screening exams
4. Income falls within the specified Federal income guidelines (click the following link for current information).

Area health care providers who participate with the program will complete the physical exam.

Please call 301-759-5083 to see if you qualify for these services and to make an appointment.

Breast Health:

Breast Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths to women in Maryland. Being a woman is the #1 risk factor for breast cancer. Other risk factors that may increase your risk of breast cancer include:

r Getting older
r Having a personal history of breast or ovarian cancer
r Having a mother, daughter, or sister who has breast cancer
r Recently using hormone replacement therapy (estrogen and/or progesterone).

Even if you do not have any of these risk factors, you can still develop breast cancer.
Early detection saves lives!


When performing a self breast examination monthly, (as recommended by the Komen Foundation), look for these signs and symptoms of possible problems in your breast and underarm area. If you notice any of them, call your health care professional right away:

r Lumps, hard knot, or thickening in any part of the breast
r Unusual swelling, warmth, or redness that does not go away
r Dimpling or puckering of skin of your breast
r Itchy or scaly sore or rash on nipple
r Pulling in of nipple or other parts of breast
r Nipple discharge that starts suddenly
r Pain in one spot that does not vary with your monthly cycle
r Nipple discharge that is bloody

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer is a disease in which cancerous cells develop in the tissues of the cervix (opening of the uterus). The cervix connects the uterus to the vagina. Before cancer cells appear on the cervix, the tissues of the cervix go through changes. A pap test will usually find these cells. When it is found and treated EARLY, cervical cancer can be CURED! Your body gives you no early warning signs that you are developing cervical cancer. Once you start feeling bad enough to see your doctor, it could be too late. Routine screening tests could save your life!

For more information on breast and/or cervical cancer, click on the links below:

American Cancer Society: www.cancer.org

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: www.komen.org



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