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In Maryland, 16% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians (2001). Every year in the state an average of 703 children age 3-15 are injured in pedestrian-traffic incidents. Most of these collisions occur when children run into the street, darting out between parked cars. Follow the rules and facts below to help keep your child safe while walking.

  1. Many children do not know that cars can be dangerous and that cars can hurt them.
  2. Children should be taught to cross the street only with someone much older who knows to cross safely.
  3. Children of all ages should not be in, or near, the street.
  4. Driveways and parking lots are dangerous to small pedestrians because they are not seen as easily as adults.
  5. Parents should designate safe play areas away from the street and driveway.

Safe Crossing Rules for Your Children

  1. Always stop at the curb or the edge of the road.
  2. Check for parked cars that may be ready to move.
  3. Walk to the edge of the parked cars.
  4. Look LEFT, RIGHT and LEFT again.
  5. Watch and wait for moving vehicles to pass.
  6. Cross only when the street is clear.
  7. Always cross at a corner when possible.
  8. Cross only on a “green” or “walk” light.
  9. Keep looking for cars as you cross.
  10. BE SAFE, BE SEEN. Look the driver in the eye to know that he sees you.

To learn more about pedestrian safety in Allegany County, please call Prevention Services at (301) 759-5123.