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Safety Belts are the best way to prevent injury and death in a motor vehicle crash, decreasing the risk of injury by forty five percent (www.nsc.org). Maryland has a PRIMARY SEAT BELT LAW that allows enforcement officers to ticket drivers and/or adult front seat passengers for not wearing a seat belt.

Who is covered by the law?

The law covers the driver and the front seat passenger next to the door, each or both of whom may receive a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

Not covered by law are…

Those who have a written certificate from their doctor stating a medical reason for not using their safety belt.

  • Drivers and passengers of Class L (historical) motor vehicles.
  • Children younger than 16 years of age, in all seating positions, in all vehicles, already are covered by Maryland’s Child Passenger Safety Law.

To receive more information about how to protect you and your passengers, call (301) 759-5123 or go to www.sha.state.md.us to learn more about the safety belt laws in Maryland.

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